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I was tasked to create a TV guide app, showcasing Gravity’s intelligent recommendation system. The system recommends movies and shows, based on previous viewing history, likes, and user behavior.

The goal was to create a clean application that looks and feels native on iOS7. A main requirement was to easily like a movie, or even schedule for recording.

guide-sketch1 guide-sketch2

In my solution I have tried to embrace the fresh, minimal aesthetics of the new OS, doing away with unnecessary buttons, and using text and images as the UI. I have started by focusing on the information to present, and identified the order of importance on each page through high level sketches.


Through in-house user testing we have found that record, schedule and like buttons work well as just icons, so I was able to gain some more white space around the buttons.

To be able to visually browse titles and TV shows, I have designed a landscape version of the list screen as well. Here only the images are shown by default, and the full functionality of the list screen is moved inside a popup.


The final product was very well received, and it proved a great tool for the client to showcase their recommendation system.