Approx is a new iOS app design and development studio I started with my good friend Balázs. We have worked on a few iOS projects together and found our collaboration quite efficient. Our goal is to work on projects that we are passionate about. Currently the main focus is music related and educational apps. Either way, we aim to create fresh and delightful products, and wanted our website to reflect that as best as possible.

All we knew was: we had to stay away from a corporate feel.


In my initial mockups, I have explored two main directions. A slightly more traditional design, focusing on typography and the devices, and another one – with an ice cream truck. Naturally, we’ve chosen the ice cream truck, and so I started to see where that could take us.


While we had to show apps on our website, we felt that the occasional ice creams provided a playful contrast, and an entertaining experience. Being an app development company we’ve also decided that all screens should be functional. So we have filled them with small animations or interactive elements that encourage reader engagement.

I’ve also come up with a way to integrate one of the screens as a submit button for our contact form. Although I first felt this might be a risky UX choice, both our user testing and interaction heatmaps proved that most people quickly understand that the screens are interactive. (To encourage this interaction, I have placed two watches at the top of the page with an inviting ‘Click’ button. This way visitors already know that the screens work, by the time they reach the contact form.)


Iteration is the most important ingredient, so we have been constantly updating the site, based on our findings through hotjar and analytics. We are also conducting regular user testing with friends and friends of friends. As a result we have added a short overview at the top, rearranged a few sections and rephrased the contact form. Currently we are experimenting with Google Adwords, which is a whole new set of skills for us to learn.

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